Stenoien Reunion – June 10, 2000

The Stenoien Family turned out in strength on June 10th, 2000, 50 years to the day after the death of Ole O. Stenoien. I include here photos of the day for your enjoyment.

Thanks to Iola and company for organizing this event. Thanks to all who made the trip, both from near and from far.

Thanks to daughter Kirstin for snapping some of these shots and to Iola for identifying all the young ones and correcting my mistakes!

50th Anniversary of Ole’s death in Battle Lake, Minnesota.

Reunion 1990: Paul Nelson, Jerry and Betty Nelson, Don Johnson, Muriel Myrbo (hidden), Betty Johnson, Melford Stenoien, Rosemary and David Klukken, Orville Klukken (behind Laurie), Jerald and Mavis Stenoien, Delores and Hillard Nelson, 2nd row: Camilla Stenoien, Rebecca and Gudren Stenoien, Beulah Sunde (behind Gudren), Laurie Nelson; 3rd row: Jamison Stenoien, Ralph Stenoien, Sam Stenoien, Selma ?, Petra Klukken, Holly Johnson, Carol Nelson; 4th row: Iola Nelson, Jeremy Nelson, Jackie Hanson, Paul Lee.

This is the school house many of the Stenoien children attended near Battle Lake Minnesota.

Muriel Myrbo, Doug Stenoien, Camilla Stenoien, Noel Stenoien, Iola Nelson, Jerald Stenoien and Bonnie Peterson.

Here is Greg Stenoien, age 12. The children are good sports… they don’t realize that they’ll be adults before they appreciate these reunions!

Photo review with Mavis Stenoien and family.

Duane and Bonnie Peterson… how did Duane get so dad-burned distinguished-looking?

David Klukken front, Harold Lehse behind (Helen’s husband).

Noel Stenoien recounting how he made it through the little red school house without being set back a grade.

Jerald, Mavis, Doug, Lavola and Camilla Stenoien, Muriel Myrbo, Bonnie and Duane Peterson, Noel and Jan Stenoien, Iola and Paul Nelson.

Greg Stenoien, Brandon Lewis-Harvey, Vicki Lewis, Jordan, Jerry Nelson, Randy Stenoien, Chris Jacobson, Mike Nelson, Joel Stenoien, David Stenoien (next row) Kirstin Stenoien, Justine Swanson, (next row) Amy Stenoien, Debra Stenoien, Phoenix Brown, R.J. Brown, Melissa Jacobson, Carol Nelson, Laurie Zelinski.

Jerold and Mavis Stenoien, Bob and Pam Thibodeau, Chris Jacobson, Joel Stenoien, Ron Peterson, Dale and Sue Jacobson, Melissa Jacobson, Amy Stenoien, Debra Stenoien, Diane Stenoien, Jerrolyn Peterson.