Slavin Family in San Antonio, Texas

The Slavin Family

Patrick F. Slavin (17 Mar 1837 – 31 Jul 1913) was born in Ireland (family tradition is that he was from Donegal according to notes I have from the Parson family dated 1941). His father was Edward Slavin. He married Anne Tinney (Tinnery) (24 Dec 1841 – 27 Mar 1925) in Ireland. Ireland is famous for the great potato famine of 1846 and 1847. Irish peasants faced poverty and misery. Although conditions did improve for a time, massive emigration began anew after 1877 due to generally poor economic opportunities.

Patrick immigrated to Westchester Co, Tarrytown, NY (Mt Pleasant Township) in 1864 arriving at Ellis Island in New York City. His wife and the two oldest children followed him in 1867. He is a naturalized citizen. In the 1880 census, he was listed as a laborer, while both Peter and Ann worked at the shoe factory. Tarrytown is located on the east bank of the Hudson River, north of NY City. The family moved to San Antonio in approximately 1884 based upon the obituary of son Peter. Patrick purchased a small farm west of current Brackenridge Golf Course on the south side of Olmos Basin, listed as 350 Reservoir in the San Antonio directory. Daughter Catherine remained in Tarrytown until 1886. Patrick worked as a gardener. Annie is listed as a cook in the 1886 San Antonio directory. Patrick died in 1913 of chronic nephritis and senility.

Anne Tinney Slavin lived for a time with the nuns of Incarnate Word, later with daughter Maggie on 413 Travis St. At the time of her death she lived on 2411 Morales St.  In the 1900 census, Ann Slavin lived with John, Kattie and Joe at the Rock Quarry, current site of the Sunken Gardens in downtown San Antonio. In the 1920 census, Ann Slavin lived with son John on Burleson Street.


‘Petta’ or Peter F. Slavin (2 Jan 1862 – 4 Mar 1918) and Mary ‘Mamie’ (Aug 1866 – 29 Nov 1940) were Granny B’s godparents. Peter arrived with his mother in Tarrytown in 1867. Mamie’s mother was from Germany. Peter and Mamie were married in 1898. Peter is remembered as a ‘fanatical’ Catholic by Granny Bea. One Friday, Mamie mistakenly served meat. Peter picked up the dish and threw it out the door. When he first arrived, Peter was a street car horseman, working for the city of San Antonio. Later, Peter was foreman at the rock quarry, in charge of the rock crusher. According to his autopsy report, he died of liver cancer (which can generally be attributed to alcoholic cirrhosis). According to Granny, Mamie was a pretty woman. Delores Ramirez Graham recalls visiting Mamie’s house, then situated on the bank of the San Antonio River north of Brackenridge Park. Delores had chicken pox at the time. Peter is buried alongside his parents in St. Mary’s Cemetery in San Antonio. The gravesite lies approximately 100 feet from the southwest corner of St. Anthony and Wyoming streets. They had no children.

The Sunken Garden theater is built in the rock quarry where Peter was foreman. Alamo Roman and Portland Cement company, later Alamo Cement Company, leased this land from the city, actively using the site up until 1908. The site was converted to the current day Sunken Gardens starting  1915 (original Japanese  Garden) and was completed in  1936 in time for the Texas Centennial.

Petta Slavin, 56 years old, died at 1:50 o’clock Monday morning at a local hospital. He was a native of Ireland and resided in San Antonio for 35 years. He is survived by his widow, his mother Mrs. Patrick Slavin, four sisters Mrs. Maggie Bihl and Mrs. Annie Baker of San Antonio, Mrs. Kate Parson of Palestine and Mrs. Hannah Bolton of Houston; three sons, John, Pat and Joe Slavin. The funeral will be held Tuesday from the Chapel of the Shelley-Loring Undertaking company and interment will be in St. Mary’s cemetery near the grave of his father and mother.


Anna A. Slavin (25 Dec 1864 – 30 Jul 1937) born in Donegal, Ireland. She arrived with her mother and brother Peter in 1867, living in Tarrytown, Westchester Co, NY.  She moved with her family to San Antonio, Texas in 1884. She married John W. Baker (23 Feb 1861 – 4 Mar 1946) in 1892. John was born and raised in Winchester, WV. Annie was a well known spiritualist and healer, who claimed to see the future. According to Granny Bea, “We never had anything to do with her.  Pappa (Patrick) always said that she is a nut.” Grandma Tinney was quite upset over Anna’s religious choice, being a devout catholic herself. In the 1900 census, Agnes Torres step-daughter (born March 1888) lived with the family, suggesting that Annie might have been previously married.

Annie and John Baker had three daughters.

Catherine ‘Katie Bell’ (16 Dec 1894 – 14 May 1982) married Benjamin Utz (27 Nov 1894 – 25 Oct 1982) on 4 Jun 1913. Benjamin worked for San Antonio Power and Light. They had three children;  Benjamin Franklin Utz Jr married Sarah Ellen Wideman (no children), Charles Edward Utz married Iris Fostene Roche (two children, Charles Edward Utz married Jo Ann Rogers(no children) and Donna Yvonne Utz who married Robert Lanford Griffin, (one son Ryan Lane Griffin) and finally Catherine Elizabeth Utz who did not marry.

Mary Ethel Baker (29 Aug 1897 – 29 Sep 1986) married Albert Emil Stahl (daughter Rosa Lee Stahl) and after her husband’s death (Albert Stahl was murdered by his uncle Joe Slavin in San Antonio, Texas in 1925, see story below) she married Fred Thomas Rehme (daughter Jewel Catherine Rehme). Rosa Lee Stahl age 19 was living with Katie Bell and Benjamin Utz in the 1940 census on Morales Street. Rosa Lee Stahl married Oathel Lane Roper (four of five children born died in infancy, sole surviving son Russell Roper married Dorothy Irene Dickinson, no children). Jewel Catherine married first Carmelo Sansone, a serviceman of Italian descent from Pennsylvania at nearby Fort Sam, (daughter Sandra Sue Sansone) later John Abraham Vaughan.  Jewel died at age 37 of breast cancer, just after the birth of daughter Babette Marie Vaughn.  Sandra Sue Sansone married Clarence Ernest Frank (son Clarence Ernest Frank). Babette married Jeffrey Fullington, (daughter Stacey Lynn Fullington).

Anna Elizabeth  Baker (14 Dec 1899 – 30 Nov 1983) married John C. Sellberg.  They had two children, Agnes Georgia Sellberg married Arthur George Levis (two children, George Fredrick Levis and Deynn Georgette Levis) and John Frederick Selberg married Joyce Pauline Ross (daughter Gerianne Sellberg).


Hannah Slavin (4 Apr 1868) was the first child of Patrick and Anne Slavin born in Tarrytown, NY after the family’s arrival. She moved to San Antonio with the family in 1884. She worked at Texas Steam Laundry in 1886 along with her sister Mary.

3 May 1896, a story about Hannah in the San Antonio Light newspaper. Hannah Slavin swore out a search warrant against an old German woman named Mrs. Blumenflur, before County Attorney De Witt yesterday for the recovery of a case of jewels, which she said the German woman had taken. Mrs. Blumenflur was taken before Constable McCloskey and the jewels were recovered. It is said she has a fondness for liquor, and when under the influence she is not responsible for her actions. She was an inmate of the county poorhouse several months and tried to set the place on fire. She at one time applied to the county for a ticket to Austin, which was granted her, and she left San Antonio, but returned a few days afterward. After the jewels were recovered, she was released.

Hannah at age 42 married CH Bolton on 10 Mar, 1907 at St. Mary’s Church. This was during Lent; they received permission to perform the marriage during the forbidden time. Hannah and Charles moved to Houston, where Charles died 15 May 2016. In the obituary for her brother Petta, 4 Mar 1918, she is named a resident of Houston, Texas. She later married John Wichel (est 1871 – 1936), likely born in Lamar, Texas. According to Granny Bea, he was a smart German who was trying to design a perpetual motion machine. Granny and Delores visited the couple in 1933. According to Houston directories, John initially worked for the Grant Locomotive and Car Works, he was later listed as a blacksmith. In the 1937 directory, Hannah (Helen) is listed as a widow. Hannah Slavin had no children.


Margaret ‘Maggie’ Slavin (4 Jul 1870 – 9 Nov 1938) was born in Tarrytown, NY. She arrived in San Antonio in 1884 with her family. She worked for Texas Steam Laundry with her sister in 1886 according to the city directory. Maggie married Calvin R. Perry  1 Nov 1888 (no children). Margaret Slavin Perry married George David Bihl (8 Dec 1874 – 11 Oct 1932) on July 24, 1901. Maggie and George had a single son, who died aged 5 of diphtheria. According to Grannie Bea, George left Maggie for the babysitter, Allie Nelums, who he married October 21, 1907. He claimed that he would return after making an honest woman of her (George and Allie had six children together). Grannie Bea remembers seeing a life size portrait of Maggie’s deceased son in Maggie’s home. Maggie grieved for her lost child throughout her life.

Maggie remained quite bitter towards her husband. In later years, she would take a taxi from her home on Travis Street to the Bihl home. She would stand in front of the house and call him names. On several occasions she actually kept it up until George came out and went home with her, “If you don’t send my George out now, I’m coming in to get him!”

Maggie ran a boarding house, as well as a restaurant and tavern next door. She was a hard worker, given that she managed all this on her own. She apparently died of a heart attack at home while cleaning her oven, and was not discovered for two or three days. Cause of death for Margaret Bihl is listed as aortic insufficiency and coronary artery disease.

Dolores Ramirez Graham remembers playing at Maggie’s home as a young child. Maggie kept a doll on the bed. She told Delores that the doll would be hers after she was gone. When Maggie passed, Delores got the doll. Later, while playing with it, she discovered Maggie’s rings attached within. She gave those to her grandfather, Patrick Slavin. He related being at a neighbors’ home, the Rossi’s. He had drunk quite heavily, and they ‘rolled him.’ They stole both the rings as well as a substantial amount of cash he had with him. He said he was conscious, but lost control of his limbs and could not prevent the theft.  

In the 1910 census, Maggie is living with her niece, Hattie Neff (26), her status listed as widow. In the 1930 census Maggie lived with her brother, John J. Slavin.


Patrick Francis Slavin (21 Apr 1872 – 10 Sep 1946) was born in Tarrytown, NY. He arrived in San Antonio with his family in 1884, living at the family farm on 350 Reservoir, just west of  the current day Brackenridge Golf  and north of Fort Sam Houston (renamed Pershing Ave). Patrick met his future wife, Simona Maria Valencia (18 Feb 1876 – 28 Jun 1963), at a dance. According to Grannie Bea, she was initially not impressed. Patrick was not dissuaded, and continued to visit her family home, often spending most of the time with her mother, Guillerma. After Guillerma passed, Simona lived with her Godparents, then her brother, a ‘bit of a rounder.’  Patrick and Simona were married at the San Fernando Cathedral on 17 Jan 1894.

Simona is listed in the 1880 census as living with parents Felipe and Guillerma and brother Ramon on Houston Street. In 1887 Guillerma Valencia, widow, is living on Quarry Road 2 miles north of the courthouse. Simona attended Stephen F. Austin grammar school, later Ursuline academy for a time.  She spoke excellent English and Spanish. Simona was an excellent seamstress. Dolores recalls coming to her at the last minute for a Halloween costume. No material was on hand, so she assembled a costume made of purple crepe paper.

Felipe Valencia, the father of Simona, was said to have been a cattle driver. In his last will and testament on 4 September 1881, he deeded his land in North San Antonio called Las Piedreras, along with 8 wagons, mules and equipment, to his wife Guillerma. Long-distance cattle driving was traditional in Mexico, California and Texas. A typical herd from South Texas and San Antonio consisted of 3000 head. The crew included a cook with a chuck wagon, a horse wrangler to take care of the remuda (spare horses) and the crew.  Cattle drives from San Antonio were taken to the Red River, where the Chisholm Trail began, ending in the rail yards in Kansas. Felipe was said to have participated in drives to Dodge City, Kansas. The herd left in the spring, and typically took two months to complete, averaging about 15 miles/day. Felipe was illiterate, he signed his last will and testament with an ‘x’.

In the 1914 city directory, Patrick and SImona lived with brother Edward on 128 Yndo St. Patrick was a motorman.

Simona remained active throughout her life. One morning, Simona was talking to son-in-law Robert Graham about barbacoa, in particular a restaurant in Laredo, Texas. Bobby offered to take her in jest, but she accepted, hopped into his car and drove 150 miles to eat at that restaurant.

Patrick and SImona were not together later in life. The 1940 census lists Simona as head of household, Estolano Ramirez, Beatrice Madeleine, Dolores and Margaret all living together at home.

Patrick and Simona had five children:

Edward Michael Slavin married Pearl Lawrence and had three children.

  • Eleanor Jeanette Slavin did not marry (1922 – 1952).
  • Edward William married Jerri Laverne Collins (no children).
  • Richard Charles Slavin married Joyce Lorraine Brown (two children Deborah Joy Slavin and Kim Jeanette Slavin )10 Jul 1951. Dolores Graham and Joan Slavin (daughter of Albert and Lillian Ackerman) were bridesmaids, Robert Graham was a groomsman. The couple’s honeymoon was taken in Monterrey, Mexico. Richard Charles Slavin was one of the groomsmen at the wedding of Dolores Slavin and Robert Graham.

 Charles Williard Slavin (feb 1898 – 16 Jun 1954) married Florene Mae Quick in 1943

  • Mary Estelle Slavin, who was raised by Willis Robert McClellan and Florene Mae).

Ralph Slavin (12 Feb 1900 – 14 Aug 1931, died age 31 of pneumonia) married Marie Rose Reinwein.

  • Ralph Albert Slavin Jr. died at age 19
  • Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Slavin who married Andrew Juarez Rodriguez (Andrew ‘Drew’ James Rodriguez, Dorothy ‘Carolyn’ Rodriguez married Gregory Montoya – five children, Patricia Ann Rodriguez married James Francis Gardner, Andrea ‘Mona’ Rodriguez.

 Albert Patrick Slavin (23 Jan 1905 – 6 Jan 1973) married Lillian Ackerman in Comal County 27 Jun 1925. In the 1940 San Antonio city directory he is listed as a projectionist. The couple had nine children.

  • Alberta Gloria Slavin (6 Oct 1925 – 24 Mar 2000) married Rudolf Frank Alexander (son Gary Albert Alexander).
  • Eugene Leonard Slavin ((5 Jan 1927 – 8 Jan 1992) married Gloria Quintanilla (sons Leonard Slavin and Kenneth Wayne Slavin).
  • Charles Rupert Slavin (6 May 1928 – 1929) died as an infant.
  • Donald Patrick Slavin (15 Feb 1931 – 20 Nov 2020) married Betty Fay McGuire (Philip Patrick Slavin), later married Emma Briseno Flores (Bruce Slavin, Marlon Slavin).
  • Joan Barbara Slavin (20 Nov 1934 – 24 Apr 2017) married Gerald Spear Connell Jr (Mark Steven Connell died in infancy).
  • Charles Fredrick Slavin (8 Jan 1937 – 25 Feb 2003) married Susan Elizabeth Webster (Kenneth R. Slavin, Albert P. Slavin, Alice Lois Slavin).
  • Eleanor June Slavin (born 1938)
  • Norman Albert Slavin (17 Jun 1939) married Elizabeth Sue Massey (Lillian Heather Slavin, Kimberly Slavin).
  • Ralph Armand Slavin (26 Aug 1941 – 8 Nov 2006)

Beatrice Madeleine Slavin (13 Aug 1909 – 1 May 2008) married Estolano F. Ramirez (22 Sep 1905 – 28 May 1984) 27 Jun 1928 in Valdez, Texas.  In the 1930 census the family lived on East French Place with Simona and baby Dolores. They owned their home, valued at $8000. Estolano was a fruit inspector at the time. They had two daughters, Dolores Marie Ramirez and Margaret Mary Ramirez.  In the 1940 census the family lived with Simona Valencia Slavin. Estolano was a movie operator at the time. He served in WWII.  He remarried in 1943, Felipe Ochoa (Mary Felipe and Carolyn Ramirez).

Edward Slavin (24 Aug 1873 – 9 Nov 1874) is buried at Sleepy Hollow, Westchester Co, NY.


Bridget Slavin (15 Feb 1875 – 20 Jun 1877) is buried at Sleepy Hollow, Westchester Co, NY.


John James Slavin (24 Jul 1876 – 28 Dec 1935) was born in Tarrytown, NY and moved with his family to San Antonio in 1884. He was a retired saloon operator at the time of his death. In the 1900 census, John lived with his mother Ann Tinney Slavin, sister Katie and brother Joe at the Rock Quarry, a day laborer at the time. He is also separately listed as a partner in the FIrehose Company on Grand Avenue. John married Ray Stevens on 27 Mar 1909. They were formally wed at St. Patrick’s Church 4 April, 1909 (Ray was non catholic). In the 1910 census, John lived with wife, Ray. John and brother Joe are both listed as saloon operators on 737 Austin Street. In the 1914 city directory John is no longer with wife Ray. In the 1920 census, John lived with his mother Ann on Burleson St. He was a saloon keeper at the time. He is listed as living with sister Maggie on the 1930 census. John’s death certificate lists cause of death as Bright’s disease (kidney failure) and mitral regurgitation.


Mary Slavin (26 May 1878 – 29 Dec 1879) is buried at Sleepy Hollow, Westchester Co, NY.


Catherine ‘Katie’ Slavin  (24 Dec 1880 – 21 Feb 1943) married Walter H Parsons on 29 Jul 1902. Walter was a fireman for the San Antonio Fire Department at the time. In 1903-4 the couple moved to Bryan, Texas, where Walter worked for the I&GN Railroad as a locomotive fireman. After a short stay in Bryan, Walter was transferred to Palestine, Texas where he continued working for the I&GN railroad. Catherine is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Palestine, Texas.  They had two children, Mary Ethel Parsons and Walter Herbert Parsons Jr.  Walter remarried, Velma Elizabeth Faulk, after Catherine’s death.


Tully Joseph Slavin (18 Apr 1882 – 9 Jun 1953) was born in Tarrytown, NY and moved with his family to San Antonio in 1884. He married Cecilia Mathilda Layer (18 Nov 1882  Cleveland, Texas, died 5 Dec 1977 in San Antonio, TX) on 18 Sep 1905 in Anderson, Texas. Anderson, Texas is a small town east of Bryan, College Station. He was a fireman on a locomotive at the time of the 1910 census. He is listed as a plumber in the 1919 San Antonio directory.

After the death of Joe Slavin’s mother, Ann Tinney Slavin on 27 Mar 1925, there was apparently a dispute over the disposition of her estate. The following articles were published in the Waco Times and Wichita Falls Newspaper.  Joe was convicted of shooting his nephew, Albert Stahl, as well as firing shots at or near his sister, Ann Baker. Luz Casias (11 years old), one of the performers in the May 1 fete at Ira C. Cogden elementary school, was killed by a stray (4th) bullet.

Waco Times Herald 7 Jun 1925. San Antonio, Texas.  Joe Slavin, slayer of Albert Stahl at a May 1 fete at Ira C. Ogden Elementary School on Leal Street in San Antonio , was sentenced to 35 years in the penitentiary by a jury today. The jury spent 48 hours deliberating. Slavin is also charged with the murder of Luz Casias, 11-year-old girl actor in the fete, shot down by a stray bullet. When the verdict was read Slavin’s wife and blind son fell into each other’s arms, sobbing. The shooting was alleged to have resulted from a family quarrel over the estate left by the mother of Slavin, who was the grandmother of Stahl’s wife, Ethel  Baker. Slavin claimed self defense, shooting two bullets into the air and only fired at Stahl as he approached. According to sister Anna Baker, mother of Ethel Stahl, Slavin fired two shots at Mrs. Baker and then turned the gun on Stahl, who was instantly killed. A fourth errant bullet was believed to have killed Luz Casias. He is listed in the 17 Jun 1925 Huntsville register age 42, 5 foot 5 ¼ inch, ruddy complexion, blue eyes, brown hair in jail for murder. He was paroled 18 Jul 1931.

8 Jun 1953 Joe Slavin was shot and killed by his son Frank over a dispute of the sale of Joe’s tavern on the 400 block of North Zarzamorato to Arnulfo Guardiola for the sum of $600. After a confrontation with his father, Frank went to a nearby sporting goods store and purchased five 9 mm bullets, refusing a receipt as he was going to use them imminently. Two pistols were used during the fray, a 9 mm pistol with the newly purchased shells and a 45 automatic, with four empty shells. Also shot to death was the 64 year old uncle, Jesse Guardiola. This took place after Joe Slavin and Jesse Guardiola returned to the tavern after a trip to the courthouse to complete the sale of tavern fixtures. Frank Slavin was shot in the hip, but did recover and was eventually sentenced to 8 years in the penitentiary. Frank Slavin (8 Aug 1924 – 14 Jul 1993) was the youngest of eight children. Frank worked at this father’s tavern. At the time of the murder, Frank was serving two years probation for robbery.

Oldest son Joseph was born in Palestine, Anderson, Texas in 1907. He is listed as blind on his WWII draft card.

Lucille Ann Slavin (31 Jan 1907 Palestine, Texas died 9 Jan 1973 San Antonio) first married George Lancelot James Rennison. San Antonio Light 20 Aug 1924 details George Rennison, a private at Fort Sam Houston, to be detailed to take the baker’s course. Lucille and George were married in Comal County 14 Jan 1926. Gwendolyn Frances Rennison (21 Apr 1926 – 17 Aug 1998) was born in San Antonio, married Robert Charles Richter in 1946 (Daughter Vick Ann Richter born 1952). George is listed in the 1930 census in Santa Barbara, CA as divorced, living with his parents.  Lucille and Gwendolyn lived with parents Tully and Cecilia with brother Louis Slavin in the 1940 census.  Lucille later married Raymond Earl Moffat (born 23 Jan 1908 in Arkansas, died 9 Jul 1964 of Acute Granulocytic leukemia in San Francisco, CA). They are listed as living together in the 1934 census, Raymond a battery man. Lucille and Raymond had one son, Patrick Earl Moffat born 24 Aug, 1948 in San Antonio.

Alfred Charles Slavin (9 Aug 1908 – 25 May 1986) married Frances Jean Dobrowolski

  • Barbara Jean Slavin attended (1933 -) St. Mary’s Academy for girls. She married Royce Allen Patrick 30 Jun 1952. She later married Richard Swierc 18 Sep 1962. She is buried in Blanco, Texas.
  • Alfred Charles Slavin (17 Sep 1937 – 22 Apr 2019) married Mary Sue Riley McNeill. (Linda Diane Slavin married Paul Danielczyk, Deborah Sue Slavin, Alfred’s stepson Warren Ray McNeill)
  • Carolyn Slavin (3 Dec 1944 -) married Melvin Ray Danysh 27 Jul 1968. In their wedding, sister Mrs. Richard Swiere was a bridesmaid, Linda Diane Slavin flower girl, brother James H Slavin groomsman, Warren Ray McNeill ringbearer.
  • James Howard Slavin  (9 Jun 1946 – 19 Jun 2015) married Alice Marie Simon. (Paul David Slavin married Cindy Skiles, Michelle Suzanne Slavin married Ronald Redd, Sean Patrick Slavin).

Laurine Slavin (1910 – 1910).

Patrick Robert Slavin (1913 – 1915).

Helen Gertrude Slavin (15 Sep 1916 – 10 Feb 1981) married James H Chambers 19 Feb 1938. San Antonio Express 25 Apr 1931. Miss Helen Slavin — Spring’s magic touch was emphasized in the float entered by Miss Helen Slavin, 3306 Arbor Street, which was trimmed in pink roses contrasting with soft green moss. Garbed in pink to heighten the color effect, Miss Slavin, Frances Dobrowolski, Dorothy Layer, Vida Insall, Gwendolyn Rennison and Frank Slavin rode in the float. 

John Lewis Slavin (14 Apr 1922 – 4 Sep 1979) married Rose Mary Palafox (Peggy Ann Slavin). 

Frank Slavin (7 Aug 1924 – 14 Jul 1993). See article above referencing Frank Slavin on his sister’s float in the Battle of Flowers Pageant. Frank did not marry. She story above referencing the murder of his father Joe Slavin 8 Jun 1953 when his father sold the tavern in which he was working.


Ellen Slavin, born 15 Aug 1883, no details but presumed died as an infant or child.