Our Norwegian Relatives

Our Norwegian Relatives

We are related to our current day Norwegian relatives through our Bestemor’s side, Johanna Svensdatter Gillan, who travelled with the family and later married Bestefar, Ole P. Stenoien.  Her brother, Hans Svenson Gillan, stayed on the Gillan farm. See geneology below.

Johanna Pederson Stenoien (4/27/1850), sister to Bestefar, married Johannes J. Braekken and remained in Norway. I have no definitive record of their descendants. While the record states that she married Johannes, brother to Bernt Brekken, Johannes Brekken is said to have married Anne Marie Olsdatter Tidemann. This needs further verification.

Gillan Geneology

John Johannessen Rotvold (4/16/1811- 1/5/1888) married Sigrid Torsteinsdatter Stordalsvold (1812 – 5/12/1893) on 11/22/1832 in Stordal, Norway. 

Children: Mali (3/1/1833) married Emanuel Gjemse, Johanna (2/29/1836), Sigrid (11/9/1838) married Peder Bessesen Meaadalsberg, Ingeborg (5/11/1841) married Gudmund Thomassen Steinmo, Gidsken (2/24/1844), Johannes (10/9/1847) married Dordi Svensdatter (1/1842 – USA), Torstein Kluksdal (descendants in Stordal), Tomas (3/6/1853) married Kirsti Graabektangen Pederson (five children, settled in Steele County).

Johannes and Dorden Gillan had five children: “Judge” John Gillan (1/1876), Sigrid (3/1879), Johanna, Sven (7/1883), Marit (10/1885).

Svend Tomassen Steinmo (1/24/1844 – 5/19/1929) married Gidsken Johnsdatter Gillan on 2/2/1867. Gidsken inherited the family farm. Svend and Gidsken Gillan are our only direct ancestors buried at the Stordal Chapel. The graves lie at the front of the grounds. Note, Svend acquired the name Gillan because he inhabited the Gillan farm. I am puzzled as to why his name was Steinmo; I have found no evidence that he inhabited that property, although his brother, Gudmund did occupy the gaard.

Children: Johanna (Bestemor), Marta (8/24/1867 – 3/11/1902), Johannes (5/19/1870 – USA), John (12/6/1872 – USA), Tomas Kojdal (8/11/1875 – descendants in Stordal), Mathilda Serine (1876 – 10/10/1887), Hans (see next generation), Sevrin (1/9/1881 – 1/18/1899), Ola (7/10/1883 – 12/28/1900), Sigrid (1/12/1886 – USA), Gustav (2/21/1888 – 1/24/1890), Gidsken (2/21/1888), Gurina (2/25/1890).

Sara (Sigrid) married Silas Sampson; Gurina married Ludwig Elven (two children, including Kenneth Elven, born with a clubfoot; he lived with Ole and Bura Stenoien prior to the birth of Muriel).

Hans Svenson Gillan (3/14/1878) married Ingeborg Pedersdatter Gjemse (5/28/1884 – 2/17/1918) on 10/5/1905.

Children: Svend (4/8/1906), Harald Ingvald (1/29/1914), Gyda Mathilda (1/29/1914 – 9/1991), Arne Ingeman (2/7/1918).

Arne Ingeman Gillan (2/7/1918) married Marit Hansdatter Stenoien on 12/20/1943. We are not related to Marit. Her father, Hans Stenoien, took over the Sten-oyen farm after Peder Larssen Stenoien left for America. Her twin brother, John Stenoien, was a world war II hero. He helped over one hundred fifty people fleeing the occupying Germans escape into neutral Sweden.

Children: May Britt (10/2/1950), Turid. May Britt married Sverre Strom, Turid married Bjorn Lundemo.