Ole and Johanna Stenoien

Gena, Gilbert, Sam, Inga, Pete, Ole, Bestefar, Petra, Bestemor, Thilda, Judith, Selmer, Russell

Jerald relates, “Bestefar was alot like my Dad, and even me. He didn’t say alot. Every once in awhile, he would ask me, “Do you know Jesus?” It scared me. I hadn’t yet make my decision. I would start to whistle and try to change the subject.”

“The only time that he ever got upset with me was one time when he, Bestemor and I were riding into town. When we drove up to the grain elevator, he got up and asked, “Where’s my hat?” He had put his hat in the back seat, and I was sitting on it. He was more than a little perturbed, punched that hat out and stalked angrily off to the elevator.”

Photo of Ole P. and Johanne Stenoien in their Sunday best about 1935.

According to Camilla, Bestemor (grandmother) was diabetic. Ralph was in charge of giving her insulin shots. She spent much time in her later years sitting in a rocking chair with Norwegian hymnal.  Camilla sang with her to pass the time.

Noel remembers that his grandfather always carried mints in his pocket, and he shared them with the grandchildren.

Ole P Stenoien died of prostate cancer. On his deathbed, when the grandchildren were visiting, he had them sing the hymn, “White as Snow.”

Notes about Peder Stenoien:

Lived in grand Forks, ND in 1905 (employed by GF Fruit Co)

1920 Census: Gordon Township, Todd, MN

Peter O Stenoien 36 married to Jenney (45) born in Norway

Oscar Johnson 18 and Russell Johnson 16 were stepchildren, both born in ND, their parents were Swedish

1900 Census:

Pederson, Ole born feb, 1861 m 1883, arrived 1880

Johanna born Dec 1864, arrived 1882

Peder born 11/1883

Sven born 11/1884

Gilbert born 11/1886

Ingeborg born 2/1889

Gina born 11/1891

Ole born Jan 1892

Petra born May 1895

thilda J born 3/1887

Selmer l born 10/1899

Sarah Pederson servant born 11/1867


1905 Census:

Listed as Ole and Johanna Peterson, Ole arrived in 1879, Johanna in 1882

Sam O Stenoien, 20

Gilbert O Stenoien 18

Inga O Stenoien 16

Gina O Stenoien 14

Ole O Stenoien 12

Petra O Stenoien 10

Thilda O Stenoien 8

Selmer O Stenoien 3

Olga J O Stenoien 1

1910 Census:

Ole P Stenoien, 49, m 27 years, owned farm with mortgage

Johanna Stenoien, 45

Inga Stenoien, daughter, 21

Gina Stenoien, daughter, 19

Ole Stenoien, son 17

Petra Stenoien, daughter, 14

Tilda J Stenoien, daughter, 13

Selmer Stenoien, son, 8

Olga J Stenoien, daughter, 5

William R Stenoien, son, 3

Johannes Stenoien, 53, brother



Letter from Ole P Stenoien 1940

Letter to Ole O Stenoien Feb 22, 1940 (written in Norwegian). Ole at the time was in the sanitarium being treated for Tuberculosis.

Dear son Ole!

Will send you some lines in order that you see that we are still alive, and have not forgotten you either. Will first thank you for the valentine you sent us.

I do not use the car anymore, for some time, so we are reliant upon others to take us to town and to church, so all is well.

Last evening, Orville Klukken drove us to prayers at Mr. Foslien’s, he lives near Lake Osakis half way to town, and it was a serious mood. We prayed for many sick and dying, it seems like Carl Larson and Mrs. Johnson Holmli have little time to live, and we remembered also to pray for you and Inga, and all of our loved ones, that God who is love can both heal us, and save us from sin and eternal death, by receiving Jesus Christ, he who says that whomsoever comes to me will I never abandon. Only the Holy Spirit can show us that we are lost without Jesus, so with him will we come and be blessed and saved. 

Inga said that my sister Kirsti is doing poorly.

Hope to see you soon God willing.

A dear greeting from Ma and Pa