Gjemse Relatives

Daniel Pederson (1753) moved from Roros to Stordalen, Norway and married Johanna Kristensdatter (1754 – 5/29/1815). He apparently developed cabin fever; he fled on 8/8/1801 and was never heard from again.

Children: Kristen, Peder (1788), John (1790), Kari (1793), Ola (9/4/1801 – 9/12/1820)

Peder Danielson (Gillan) (3/30/1788 – 10/20/1840 married Mali Pedersdatter Gilset (3/30/1778 – 9/7/1839) on 6/27/1813. Mali is an older sister to Marta RP Gilset. Lars Olssen Stenoien and Marta Gilset lived on the Sten oyen farm in Meraaker. Their son, Peder Larssen and Ingeborg Johannesdr (Stenoien) came to Gordon Township. Their son Ole P Stenoien is my great-grandfather.

Children: Johanna, Marit, Daniel, Marit, Anne Marie, Margrete, Beret, Peder, Ola, Jens, Emanuel (Gjemse).

Emanuel Pederson Gjemse (1/8/1836) married Mali Johnsdatter Gillan (3/1/1833), sister to Gidsken Gillan, on 6/19/1862. The Gjemse family emigrated from Stordal to America in 1883 and settled in section 19, Little Sauk Township, Todd County, Minnesota.

Children: Peder (married Kari ____, children: Oscar, Melvin, Pearl), Ingeborg (3/17/1866 – 5/1934) was a missionary to China for 30 years and died at the Lutheran Deaconess Hospital in Chicago), Sigrid (11/18/1867 – 9/1929, did not marry), John M. Pederson (3/6/1870 – 1/8/1945) married Ellen Sinness (children: Marie, Ernest, Gunda (Klukken), Olga (Samuelson), Edward, Esther), Mali (12/20/1873 – 1903), Johanna (12/31/1875), John (8/15/1881 – 2/9/1882).